Factory Automation Solutions



The global factory automation market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2018 to 2025. Factory automation implies a collection of technologies and automatic control devices which enhances the productivity, quality of products and simultaneously decrease the production cost. Also known as industrial automation, it minimizes human intervention in the industry and ensures a superior performance as compared to humans. It combines the use of computers, robots, control systems, and information technologies to handle industrial processes.

An unparalleled understanding of Factory automation solutions is what makes QAIT DevLabs as one of the most preferred companies for IoT factory automation. Our factory automation experts focus on determining the best performing suite and framework which enhances the capability of your business.

Development Strategies & Expertise

QAIT DevLabs has expertise in developing software applications to retrieve and analyze information that is emitted by various hardware like sensors.

We enable users to visualize the key variables, and provide near realtime actionable insights.

We also help to simplify the processes of monitoring, analyzing, and creating reports.

Fulfilling Requirements with Expert Solutions

As one of the leading industry automation or factory automation companies we offer customized solutions and products to meet your bespoke business requirements. As one of the leaders in the automation industry we offer a myriad of options ranging from simple diagnostic solutions to complex automated control systems. We continuously set new standards in the factory automation industry with our tailored and unique blend of services and technology.