Data Science & Data Mining Services

Data Sciences and Engineering

We offer solutions around demand planning, returns optimization, customer analytics, recommender systems, predictive maintenance and dynamic pricing.

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Data Quality and Reporting

We provide tools and services for data profiling, to discover inconsistencies and other anomalies in the data, as well as performing data cleansing activities like, removing outliers, missing data interpolation, to improve the data quality.

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LRS and Caliper® Ecosystems

You can leverage our expertise in LRS and Caliper, which are de-facto standards storing and capturing learning data and events respectively, to get actionable insights.

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Becoming data-driven is inevitable for businesses today. From data analytics to recommendation engines, business intelligence, data scientist services, analytical reporting and algorithmic science, all enable us to sift through heaps of unstructured data to understand unexplored patterns and objectivity across disciplines. Our focus is to provide end-to-end data science and analytics solutions to meet all data-related business requirements of our clients and transform them as big data companies.

Through our data science consulting solutions, businesses can leverage actionable insights for smarter decision making. Apart from this, our expertise also lies in data mining services for education, eLearning and publishing domains.

Data Sciences

Our data analytics consultants help you develop world-class analytics capabilities to make sense of the heaps of data your organization is producing. We implement a supervised or unsupervised algorithm to your data science and big data analytics to churn out actionable business insights and enable you to make data-driven decisions.

Our team leverages the power of sentiment analysis, text analytics and predictive analytics among others to identify valuable customer intelligence and insights. We use a host of tools to help you realize the potential of your data. Some of them are SAS, Excel, R, Weka, Spark MLlib, Orange, MATLAB and Mahout among others.

Data Reporting

Data science companies need to make sense of every kind of data they have, to stay ahead of the market. It is imperative to have top of the line enterprise data reporting for actionable insights and business intelligence.

Our data science team delivers rich insights through infographics and various visualization techniques. These intuitive reports are easy to understand and can be consumed at various levels of the hierarchy for immediate decision making and action. Apart from being customizable and intuitive, these reports are auto-generated, in real-time or on a periodic basis.

We leverage several tools/formats including Tableau, Microstrategy, Advanced Excel, Business Objects, HighCarts, D3, NVD3, HTML, PowerPoint, web pages and PDF decks among others.

LRS and Caliper® Ecosystems

Learning Record Store (LRS)

LLRS is a data storage system that serves as a repository for learning records collected from connected systems where learning activities are conducted. We have been one of the early adopters and implementers of LRS with a deep understanding of the standards and processes.
We specialize in:
Expertise in Tin Can / xAPI, LRS and LMS ecosystem.
Processed Big Data across semesters, predicted quiz complexity, student progress and professor competency
Deep understanding (pros/cons) of different LRS available today
Source code knowledge of both OpenLRS and Learning Locker
Implementations using multiple technologies/technology stacks including xAPI, PHP, SQL Server, PostgreSQL , Elastic Search, Redis, JAVA, Amazon SQS/SNS and MongoDB.


You can also leverage our expertise in Caliper Analytics that will enable your institution(s) to collect learning data from digital resources. This will help you to understand better, visualize learning activity, product usage data, and present this information to students, instructors, and advisors in meaningful ways to help inform:
Student recruitment and retention plans
Program, curriculum, and course design
Student intervention measures
We specialize in:
Standards prevalent in Elearning arena and their implementation
Metric profiles and sensor APIs
Creating event stores
Implementations using multiple technologies/technology stacks including - JAVA, ElasticSearch, Redis, Spring Boot and more.

Caliper Analytics® and Caliper® are the trademarks of the IMS Global Learning Consortium